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Where it all began

Hi beauties!

Welcome to our first ever blog post.

We really want to introduce ourselves and give you some tea on how this all began. We’re Megan & Sally – sisters, business partners and complete opposites. You can read all about us on our ABOUT US page but we want to talk about why we created CHEEKY CHERRY our newest baby!

Did you know that majority of period products that currently exist are made with lots of sh*tty chemicals – I know right? Like WTF how are pharmacies selling this crap. Not only that, they’re made with over 90% plastic that ends up in landfills that basically never decomposes.

Quick disclaimer: We are not against using pads/tampons or any other available options, we want you to do whatever suits your lifestyle best!!! We just want to shed light on the existing market so people can make informed decisions #YouDoYou!!!

So when I turned 12 and got my period for the first time my mom was like congrats here’s a pad. Umm OK. PERIOD UNDERWEAR WAS NOT A THING. Didn’t exist. Never even heard of it. No one did - it was like choose either pad or tampon (I don’t even think cups were a thing yet).

Period underwear, period panties, period undies whatever you want to call them – they’re just UNDERWEAR. Plain and simple. The only difference is they have added lining because we leak from down there. GASP yup you heard it here first. There’s weird things like discharge, period blood, sometimes a drop of pee, maybe some sweat? IDK I’m not a doc but I do know how uncomfortable it is to leak into a regular undie with no padding.

There’s a hole in the market for REAL EVERYDAY UNDIES that suits our actual needs. Cheeky Cherry was created to fill this void and why not have some FUN while doing it! And by the way our signature PINK PROTECTIONTM is award-worthy, thank you thank you!

We’ve used all of our knowledge and experience from school and from our family business to build a company with a purpose. Yes it’s a passion project but it’s much more than that. We want to help change the way women feel about their bodies and themselves. Traditional underwear companies just really don’t consider our fundamental needs. Sad.

Join us on this journey and be part of our CHERRY BABE Community, if together we can even make a tiny difference in this big crazy world that would be MAGIC.

Follow us on TikTok and Instagram for lots of laughs and to watch us grow (or fail miserably)!


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Cheeky Cherry - March 31 2023
Written by Sals