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Hi friends and welcome to my underwear talk. Here you will learn how to properly wash your Cheeky Cherry Underwear. It’s not hard. You can do this!

Step 1: Take your worn pair of underwear and throw them into your washing machine (optional to rinse first which can help remove stains)

Machine wash cold or hand-wash at room temp. Avoid using bleach and fabric softener, your detergent alone will do the trick!

Step 2: Take them out and hang (or lay flat) to dry

It takes about 10-12 hours for our Dailies and Liners to dry, and shouldn’t take longer than 20 hours for our Pads & Night pads to dry.

Step 3: Wait for them to dry and then fold and put them away – or wear them – or do whatever you want because that’s the end of the washing instructions!
Or you can just watch this 10 second video below 

PRO TIP: Stains? Just spray with your fav stain remover before throwing into the wash! TADA

Cheeky Cherry - April 14 2023
Written by Sals