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Hey besties!

It’s no surprise that once a month we have to deal with getting our period. It can be rough dealing with PMS, cramps, mood swings, weird appetites, bodily odors, constantly worrying about leaking, and just feeling overall yuck!

We’ve come up with some hacks to help you as much as possible because you are not alone!! We’re in this together and talking about these issues will only help normalize the menstrual cycle and potentially help others dealing with similar symptoms. We highly encourage speaking openly to your friends/family/peers because whatever you are going through, chances are there are others who can relate!

 Additionally, finding the right products for YOU and your comfort should be top priority! 

We’ve come up with some hacks to help a bestie out:

1) Switch your morning coffee for a large glass of water or even OJ (rich in Vit C). Caffeine may irritate your stomach, so let’s hold the lattes.

2) Get yourself a super cute oversized reusable water bottle that you can refill all day long! Staying hydrated is a MUST on a regular day so it’s especially important while losing extra blood.

3) SNACKS – duh! The golden answer to everything. If you’re up for it try snacking on fruits, veggies, nuts and oats. But if you feel like indulging in chips and chocolate we say go for it too! We’re always allowed to treat ourselves without the guilt.

4) PREPARE as much as possible. That means you should have a PERIOD KIT ready to go at all times. Our Carry Bag makes the perfect adorable bag that you can keep in your car, purse, locker or desk drawer. Fill it with essentials you may need like: a clean pair of Cheeky Cherry Pad undies (or pads/tampons/period cups), pain relievers if you really need it to get through cramps, a yummy snack or treat, lip balm, tea bags, essential oils, hand cream and anything else you may need when that time of the month comes to feel your best.

5) Last but not least, have your fav playlist of songs on repeat, a heated tummy pad and if you’re really not up for it then you can and totally should use a sick day to rest up until the worst is over!

Cheeky Cherry - April 21 2023
Written by Sals