How do we manage it ALL?

We get asked this question ALL the time! How do you manage it all?
Work, kids, home AND a social life.

It seems impossible sometimes, but what we've learned over the years, is finding ways to make things work. It may not always be in the most conventional way... but if we want to do it all, we need to find ways to make that make that possible. 

What that really means is PRIORITIZING. Our list of priorities changes constantly, even on a daily (or minute) basis. But in general, laying out what our focus is and scheduling our time accordingly. 

That *usually* mans focusing on work during work hours, and then making time for family and friends on weekends and evenings. But of course there is always some overlap! 

It wasn't so long ago that women in business was nearly impossible... our role consisted of bearing children and cleaning the house. But what if we wanted more for ourselves? Being goal driven and finding our own purpose in life is not something we should fear. We need to step up and take action for making our lives what we envision them to be.

We have a passion to create products that are ACTUALLY useful for our bodies & our planet, and be able to share them with the world. It wasn't ever a question of IF we could make this happen but HOW. 

Support Systems

AKA help from the grandparents :)

Luckily, we both have amazing support systems with people around us who want to see us succeed and make the effort to help us achieve our goals. Weather that means picking up the kids from school so we can work an extra hour, inviting us over for dinner so we don't need to think of cooking or being able to rely on our husbands for an extra hand around the house, we cannot even describe how appreciative we are for this extra support. 

A Real Family Business

YES we are sisters, but we actually joined our family business after graduating University. Our grandfather started our clothing company, our dad took it to the next level and we are fortunate enough to have the opportunity to build this business into something we are passionate about. We have learned SO much first hand from A-Z about running an apparel business, from production, merchadising, marketing, sales & more.

Because our family dynamic flows into our workplace, we have the flexibility to bring our kids to work with us. Believe it or not, 4 weeks after giving birth, we were back in the office with our newborns laying beside us. We even took one of our offices and turned it into a playroom. 

Running a business is HARD WORK and instead of taking a normal length maternity leave, we choose to be back at work as soon as we can. It has become part of our lifestyle. We grew up in this offices, and seeing our kids running around the same hallways is an emotional "full circle" moment for us. 


Being able to accept that laundry may pile up, the house may get a little messy but as long as our kids are healthy and happy, we can focus on our careers without feeling the mom-guilt (or at least not too much of it!)

We hope this has helped other Mom-trepreneurs reading this! No it's not easy but it is definately worth it and we know that YOU CAN DO IT.


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Cheeky Cherry - May 12 2023
Written by Megs