Because we believe in coming together to empower our communities and help create a better tomorrow. By joining forces, we aim to give back through multiple efforts every single day.

Driven by our passion

We are committed to addressing
period poverty & menstrual equity. Having access to reliable menstrual products is imperative, thousands of people struggle to find sufficient period products to go to school, work or participate in regular everyday life. Our goal is to supply reusable period products to those in need. 

Through education and advocacy, we are committed to
ending the stigma around periods. Being able to openly talk about our bodies
should not be taboo, rather let’s embrace them


With your support, every purchase made helps us give
back to communities in need by contributing financially as well as by gaining access to reusable period products.

Our recents


For Women By Women, Period

An organization led by young Black women in NYC that work to provide comfort to those in difficult living decisions during their menstrual cycle.

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The Period Purse

Works to achieve menstrual equity by providing people who menstruate access to free menstrual products, and reduce the negative stigmas associated with periods.

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The first Black-led organization with a focus on menstrual health education, advocacy, and access for adolescents and teens.

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United Way British Columbia

The United Way’s Period Promise campaign guide increases access to free menstrual products in public spaces within our community.

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