A few general questions you may have

What’s all the hype about?

+Let us tell you

We are coming in HOT with 3 top priorities:

Better for you

Better for the planet

Better for the bank

Plus on trend fashion fits for all shapes and sizes.

Why Choose Cheeky Cherry?

+VERY good question

Cheeky Cherry keeps it real. We want to talk about our bodies with no shame and #nofilter.

We can talk about our vag and our flow openly because we don’t choose to get our periods, it just comes with the territory! So why not create a product that caters to our ACTUAL needs?

How is this any different than my regular undies?

+Glad you asked

By offering all of our super cute shapes with built in layers of pink protection; dailies liners, pads and night pads, depending on your needs.

Our Trademarked Pink Protection allows you feel amazing ALL. MONTH. LONG

What if I order the wrong size?

+Allow us to explain

We really aim to be true to size so you can order the size you’d normally wear.

For sanitary reasons we cannot accept any returns on undergarments.

How is this better for the planet?

+The world is asking

AHH throwing away plastic and disposable products every month sucks - simply wash and re-wear to say #byebyewaste

Do you ship worldwide?

+Yup! Shipping Policy Here

We ship worldwide! All orders are shipped out within 24-48 hours of receiving your order. You will receive an email confirmation confirming your order has been placed.

USA & Canada Orders will ship via Canada Post or USPS. We charge a CAD $9.00 shipping flat rate for standard shipping. We offer free standard shipping on all orders over CAD $65.00.

All international orders will ship via Canada Post, UPS or other Tracked Package service. Shipping fees will be calculated and displayed at checkout.

Wow great questions!...Now some more on our Pink Protection

What is Pink Protection?

+Find out here

The first layer on every single one of our underwear.

We created a honeycomb textured cotton with built-in odorless protection to draw away sweat and discharge.

WTF is period underwear?

+Was thinking the same thing

I ask myself the same question…. It’s just regular underwear except suited to our ACTUAL needs.

Our underwear come padded with options of pads and liners so you can feel comfortable all month long.

Why would I switch from disposable pads, tampons, liners?

+The golden question

This is really a personal choice and we want you to do what feels right for your body and lifestyle.

We created a product that provides a healthier alternative that may be easier than you think to switch to. Plus by switching to a reusable product you’ll be helping reduce waste, win win!

Is it gross?

+Is it? Is it?

NO our pads and liners are super absorbent and feel just like reg underwear - but the only way to truly convince you, is for you to try them yourself!

Will I feel wet while wearing them?

+Let's clear this one up


Is it hard to wash?

+Please say no

Easy peasy – wear, machine wash, hang to dry. That’s all.

Will they be smelly?

+Let's find out

Our Pink Protection has an awesome layer of added built in odorless protection so you’re good, this shouldn’t be a worry at all!

Fun Fact – period blood doesn’t actually smell, if you smell anything it's most likely attributed to the product used to absorb it.

How long can I wear the same pair of underwear for?


Totally depends on your flow. Anywhere from wearing 1 pair per day to 2-3 or maybe even 4 pairs on heavier flow days.

What’s the difference between dailies, liners and pads?

+Get to know our layers

DAILIES can be worn every day, think "regular" underwear.

LINERS can be worn all day long for any unexpected leaks that may occur aka sweat or discharge.

PADS can be worn when on your period. & don't worry about leaking, they are super absorbent and can be worn for heavier and lighter flows, just #KnowYourFlow so you know when to put on a fresh pair.

NIGHT PADS can be worn to sleep in when on your period or during the day for those with a heavier flow.


+We got this

While wearing our PAD UNDIES on your period, you do not need to add any additional protection, but you totally can if you want to!!! Just remember to change your pad undies throughout the day as they fill up.