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Cotton stretch

Cool, comfy, cozy, COTTON! The Cotton Stretch Collection is at the core of it all made with the most premium materials for (you guessed it!) your most premium parts.

Cotton Stretch Scoop Bralette
Cotton Stretch Scoop Bralette
Sale price$27.00
Cotton Stretch Full Brief
Cotton Stretch Full Brief
Sale priceFrom $16.00
Cotton Stretch Dipped Thong
Cotton Stretch Dipped Thong
Sale priceFrom $12.00
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About US

Two sisters with one vision: underwear made for REAL EVERYDAY LIFE.

Let’s rewind a little… this new “trend” of period underwear makes us truly believe that all underwear companies until now have never hired someone with a vagina before.  WTF is period underwear? It’s just underwear except suited to our ACTUAL needs… We created a line of FIRE underwear in amazing shapes and colors that can be worn on and off your period with our added Pink Protection Layers...

Some burning questions

Why Choose Cheeky Cherry?

+VERY good question

Cheeky Cherry keeps it real. We want to talk about our bodies with no shame and #nofilter.

We can talk about our vag and our flow openly because we don’t choose to get our periods, it just comes with the territory! So why not create a product that caters to our ACTUAL needs?

WTF is period underwear?

+Was thinking the same thing

I ask myself the same question…. It’s just regular underwear except suited to our ACTUAL needs.

Our underwear come padded with options of pads and liners so you can feel comfortable all month long.

Is it hard to wash?

+Please say no

Easy peasy – wear, machine wash, hang to dry. That’s all.

How long can I wear the same pair of underwear for?


Totally depends on your flow. Anywhere from wearing 1 pair per day to 2-3 or maybe even 4 pairs on heavier flow days.


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